5Rhythms Live

5Rhythms evening with Peter Fejer, Antal Nagy, Márton Kemény and Gergely Papp

24 August 2019 at 19:00 – 22:00
Hagenmüllergasse 30, 1030 Wien

Three creative musicians and a 5Rhythms teacher – we work together regularly to create unique, special dancing spaces. The musicians are tuning in to the dancers, the dancers receive inspiration from the music. It’s a poetic collaboration between dance and music.
I’m happy that the four of us can offer a dance event again in Vienna. With Tóni, Marci and Gergő we work together for years, and we supported dancers on their dancing journey many times. It is always a unique experience for us as well. This is not a performance, the music is created together on the spot, using the inspiration from the actual present moment.

When you dance until there’s nothing left but the dance, it is as if a door has been flung open; with one gentle push you fall into love, into the big, badass beat of the universe.

– Gabrielle Roth

Come, an be part of this creative movement and sound exploration. No previous dance experience is needed. We’ll weave together the magic of the moment!

● Péter Fejér, accredited 5Rhythms teacher

● Antal Nagy (on djembe, flutes, gadulka, didgeridoo),
● Márton Kemény (on guitar, percussions),
● Gergely Papp (on frame drum, djembe, singing bowls).

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