Celebration of life

Author: Peter Fejer

The main message of 5Rhythms for me is that if you are looking for deep rooted and long term harmony in your life, then you should start with freeing up your body through creative movement. Some people might find this an unusual approach, because usually we search the cause of the disharmony and we try to get rid of that in order to reach the harmony. Usually we try to find the problem, analyse it and solve it. On the other hand I think (in agreement with other 5Rhythms people:) that moving the body first is a better way. And it has at least two reasons. First of all when we move we activate much larger part of our psyche, and not only those which can be described by words. Another reason is that in this way we don’t put the problem into focus, instead we put life-force there. The goal wouldn’t be to get rid of something bad, but to get more of something good. This also means that this path of development doesn’t end at the place where you run out of problems, and you don’t need to find new problems in order to continue the development, you just go on looking for more and more of the life-force.


When I write that in 5Rhythms practice we put the body in focus then I’m not thinking about the body in dual terms, I’m not thinking it as the opposite of mind or soul. Unfortunately in our culture it is deeply embedded that humans are a system based on the duality of body and soul, which are opposites of each other. For me this is quite different. I don’t think they are opposites. I think they are part of the same system, the same entity called human being, they mutually support each other and they are mostly inseparable. The physical aspect of this entity, which we call “body” is the container of our being, it is the foundation of our existence. If we turn our attention towards it, the positive results will be felt in every part of our lives.

This is quite similar to a tree. The most fundamental need of a growing tree is not to be well pruned or that the fallen leaves are cleared away. No. Its most fundamental need is a supporting soil, which provide enough water and nutrients for its growth. If it is not growing, then pruning only makes it smaller. But if it has a good soil and growing well, then pruning can help it grow in the right way. Turning our attention to our body is the same as the water and fertilizer to the tree, it is the support we need for growth.

Photo taken on One Tribe retreat in 2013.

I don’t think about my body as an opposite of soul, or as a lowly part, and as a result I don’t use it as a tool. My aim is not to make it stronger or more skilful, and not even to make sense of its signs. My main aim in moving is to experience it. My aim is to feel my body as part of me, to feel myself as part of my body, to create “friendship” between my body, my emotions, my soul, my mind.

My aim is to arrive home into myself.

Practising the 5Rhythms is basically the celebration of the body. It’s the expression of gratefulness towards the body that it exists, that it functions, that it’s ours. It’s not a congratulation over its achievements, but thanksgiving for its existence. Just the same way as on a birthday we don’t celebrate someone because of their achievements or success. We have other occasions for that. On the birthday we celebrate people simply because they are there, because they exist. Nobody has to achieve anything to have a birthday, it’s enough to be alive. The same way, when we practice 5Rhythms we don’t have to achieve anything. It’s enough that we are alive and we say thanks to our bodies that it exists, that we exist.

Közzétéve: Fejér Péter

A 5Rhythms teacher living in Budapest, Hungary.

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