Dance&drums – 5Rhythms with live music

7 July 2018 at 19:00–22:00

loft 25, Theresiengasse 47, 1180 Wien

Register here:


Three creative musicians and a 5Rhythms teacher – we work together regularly to create unique, special dancing spaces. The musicians are tuning in to the dancers, the dancers receive inspiration from the music, the teacher makes sure everything goes smoothly.
I’m happy that the four of us can offer a dance event again in Vienna. With Tóni, Marci and Gergő we work together for years, and we supported dancers on their dancing journey 20-30 times already. It is always a unique experience for us as well. This is not a performance, the music is created together on the spot, using the inspiration from the actual present moment.

Come, an be part of this creative movement and sound exploration. No previous dance experience is needed. We’ll weave together the magic of the moment!


  • Péter Fejér, accredited 5Rhythms teacher


  • Antal Nagy (on djembe, flutes, gadulka, didgeridoo),
  • Márton Kemény (on guitar, percussions),
  • Gergely Papp (on frame drum, djembe, singing bowls).

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