Long Blossoming Moment – 10 November

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.”
Rabindranath Tagore

5Rhythms workshop with Peter Fejer, accredited teacher
Cluj-Napoca, 10-11 November 2018

The stillness rhythm in the 5Rhythms is a mysterious territory. It is a place where the sensation of space and time changes, sometimes even disappears. We enter into spaciousness, where everything has enough space, where every movement has enough time. It is a timeless moment in a space without distances.

For a long time whenever somebody was talking about ‘being in the present moment’ I tried to imagine it. And I always saw the present moment as a thin line wedged between the infinitely long past and the forever stretching future. The present moment seemed very insignificant, modest, uninteresting. And then lately my perception changed. Little by little my movement practice revealed me the full extent of this concept what we call ‘present moment’. I know this sounds evident, but it took me long-long years to realize that the present moment is not a ‘moment’ at all, because it lasts forever. It is not thin at all, rather it is more like a spacious and comfy room with lots of sunshine, or maybe it is like a vast landscape viewed from a mountain cliff. It is wide and deep and tall and long. It is spacious, but it is not empty. It is like a tree which is continuously blossoming. A gift which is constantly being offered to us. The gift of a neverending blossoming moment.

On this workshop we’ll bring our bodies into movement, we’ll connect to the map of 5Rhythms with our movements, we’ll put a special focus on space and time and we will invite spaciousness into our movement. No previous dance experience is needed, everybody is welcome to this journey.

We will have two three-hour sessions. You are welcome to come on any of them or both of them. The topic will be the same on both, but the activites will be different. Bring comfortable clothes, a bottle for water, and your curiosity. 😉

Time Schedule

  • Saturday: 17.00 – 20.00
  • Sunday: 11.00 – 14.00


Crystal Top Dance
strada Berăriei nr. 6 etaj 4, 400380 Cluj-Napoca


Early bird until 31st October:

  • 60 RON – Saturday
  • 60 RON – Sunday
  • 100 RON – Both days

After 31st October:

  • 80 RON – Saturday
  • 80 RON – Sunday
  • 140 RON – Both days (paid on Saturday the latest)

In order the get the early bird discount, please send me €5 non-refundable deposit:


Even if you don’t have a PayPal account you can pay with credit card. You just need to register on PayPal, which takes a moment only.

Further info: fejer.peter@ritmusok.hu

Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms® were continually inspired by her homebase in New York City where she founded The Moving Center® in 1977. With over 400 certified teachers worldwide offering cutting edge core instruction through an ongoing curriculum of classes, workshops, and trainings — the 5Rhythms has grown to a global community born to dance, sweat, change, and support.

5Rhythms is a dynamic movement practice—a practice of being in your body—that ignites creativity, connection, and community.

While a seemingly simple process, the 5Rhythms practice facilitates deep and unending explorations, moving the dancer beyond self-imposed limitations and isolation into new depths of creativity and connection.

5Rhythms transcends dance. The movement is the medicine, the meditation and the metaphor. Together we peel back layers, lay masks down, and dance till we disappear…Only to rediscover ourselves through it all.

5Rhythms Tribe

(Banner picture by Milan Popovic on unsplash.com)

Közzétéve: Fejér Péter

A 5Rhythms teacher living in Budapest, Hungary.

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