5Rhythms in Skopje – 23 September


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“Between the head and feet of any given person is a billion miles of unexplored wilderness.” – Gabrielle Roth

You are welcome to dive into the exploration of body movement, body sensations and embodied feelings. You don’t need to know anything about dance and even physical fitness or agility doesn’t matter. You need only your natural curiosity, your willingness to move, meet and change. The dance will take you if you let it, it will enchant you, it will transform you.

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In several ancient societies, including the ancestors of the Hungarians, it was the role of the shaman to connect with spirits and heal. The shaman used ritual drumming, dance and singing for this purpose. According to these people everything had their own spirits – all the trees, plants, rivers, all the different diseases, all the elements.

Originally all members of a tribe did shamanistic rituals sometimes, when they felt the need, but later there was only one person in every tribe who claimed to be the right person to do these rituals. And finally as shamans faded to oblivion nobody did such rituals. I think the time is ripe to give back to everybody the possibility to heal themselves, others and the world through ecstatic rituals. All the elements in 5Rhythms movement meditation serves the purpose of better connection. Connection to the physical world, to ourselves, to others and to ideas, concepts, to the divine.

This path brings us closer to the immediate present, to the reality of the here and now, and at the same time it offers us a map to arrive to a more intimate relation to the spirit world as well. We all have the capacity to dance, we all have the capacity to connect and we all have the capacity to heal.

On this journey we will use the 5Rhythms movement map to provide the basis for the ritual journey of the dancing shaman. We will not use any substances and the workshop is completely unrelated to any cult or religion.

Közzétéve: Fejér Péter

A 5Rhythms teacher living in Budapest, Hungary.

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