The 5Rhythms


5Rhythms is a dynamic movement practice—a practice of being in your body—that ignites creativity, connection, and community.



Flowing inspires you to “inhabit the music,” adopting fluid and continuous movements. Flowing is the dance of earth and the feminine, an opportunity to experience and embody receptivity.
(Photo credit: Frances Gunn)


Staccato is opposite to flowing, it’s about clear beginnings and stops. Here there is form and self-definition. While flow is more feminine, staccato is masculine and fiery.
(Photo credit: Mohamed Nohassi)

cc Barney Moss

Chaos, meanwhile, has no structure and beckons abandon! It’s about abandoning mind and just allowing the music to move you. Once the body and the psyche have been purged by Chaos, freedom becomes more available.
(Photo credit: Barney Moss)


Lyrical is easy and light and spacious, you explore repetitive motions as a gateway to trance.
(Photo credit: Erik Dungan)

cc Pawel Pajak_sq

Finally Stillness is slower, an emptying out of what’s still left, seeking to be breathed and moved. Consciously connecting to the breath and purposefully linking breath to body to movement creates the dance of Stillness.
(Photo credit: Pavel Pajak)

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