Dance it All!

Exchange of good practices in the field of movement meditation and conscious dance

  • Partnership of four organisations, participants from many countries
  • A project for two years
  • 16 movement facilitators from 8 countries
  • Sharing of teaching practices in the special time of the pandemic
  • We gather, analyse, test, validate and disseminate innovative good practices
  • Creation of a collection of well selected and tested innovative approaches toward embodied group work

Project partners


Táncmeditáció Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.

Website >>>


The International Conscious Movement Teachers Association is an independent professional association, created in 2013 to support and represent teachers of conscious movement practices.

Website >>>

Wild Iris

Association for creative sustainability, Skopje, North Macedonia


Associazione Ubuntu in Movimento

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Tamara Candiracci

I’m from Italy and deeply inside I feel a citizen of the world. I’m a Movement Medicine Teacher and I’ve been teaching Movement Medicine for 8 years, mainly in Italy. I’m a passionate of life and of the human being, with a strong sense of social justice, which includes everyone and everything. And I love creating connections and bridges between different worlds and people.

I trust in human development, on a personal and on a collective level ,both as a process and as a creative life’s project, done by small steps. Breathing, dancing and being together, creating a safe space for each other, to blossom and celebrate differences. I’ve been working with a humanitarian organization since 2006, at the beginning in the field, in Ethiopia and Brazil (with another NGO) and Kenya, Sri Lanka, Mozabique and with migrants in Sicily.My role is now Career Manager and I am based in Rome. This has widened my perspective and my ability to put into practice the values of diversity and inclusion.

Alex Svoboda, Ph.D.

I’ve been in service to the liberating power of dance for over decade now. I started teaching freedomDANCE in 2009 and training others to do the same in 2014. It’s been a privilege sharing something that is so accessible and so deep and transformational.

I have been lucky to have work directly with Anna Halprin, train as a 5Rhythms teacher with Gabrielle Roth and be one of the first adopters and graduates of the Open Floor teacher training.

In additional to dance I love research! I’ve studied at five universities and colleges, received a Ph.D., worked as a University instructor and Research Expert at a prominent global management consulting firm.

Prior to the pandemic I had taught online classes for about a decade, although not that often. During the last year, however, I taught the total of 300 hours online!

Silvana Rigobon

My name, Silvana, means “of the Forest”. I am a Movement Medicine teacher and the Community Weaver of Conscious Dance Italy.
I also trained at the Red School as a cycle mentor. Since 2012 I have been facilitating groups in Italy and abroad on individual and collective change processes through body awareness, particularly on female leadership.
Passionate about social innovation, my work is influenced by Manish Jain’s Unlearning pedagogy. I am a TEDx speaker and the co-founder of Ulab Hub Pordenone.
I am Italian, a citizen of the world and nomad at heart.

Tamara Romaniuk

Open Floor Movement Facilitator, Somatic Coach & Consultant, Artist and Trainer of Mindfulness. 

She completed the Power of Awareness training from the University of California-Berkeley, Greater Good Science Center and ATI and training in HP für psychotherapy at the Christoph Mahr Institute in Berlin. She also trained with top experts in modern psychology and neuroscience.

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and had the good fortune to go through Gestalt Awareness Study, which inspired her further activities and became the practice of her life.

She is passionate about creative expression, the source of our creativity and the power of life.

Maja Stefanovska

Explorer and long years practitioner of different body- mind practices. Covid – 19 lockdown introduce me to conscious dance. Things changed, my life changed and I love the change. It opens the reality of wholeness and  interconnection that rise within. Looking forward  to learn and deepen my embodiment consciousness  through movement.

Biljana Filipovska

I am in education for body oriented psychotherapy, psychology and conscious dance practices.

My previous professional background is in business and consultancy – mostly in the Balkans but also internationally as well.

I am non-religious, nature and wilderness loving mountaineer, hobby musician with passion in discovering the mosaic fit between nature’s elements and rhythms to our own, through local rituals involving all senses. I am in search of the golden thread between the ground which our ancestors hold for us and our current reality.

It was lust for self that led me to embodiment. It thrives me to be part of a project which brings together possibilities which I love and value.  

Daniela Santucci 

She is a behavioural neuroscientist, presently senior researcher at the Center for Behavioral Sciences and Mental Health, National Institute of Health, Rome, Italy.  Researcher in behavioural neurosciences, she has more than 50 publications in indexed journals. PI and node leader of several national and International projects, her main interest is in the interaction among brain, body and the environment, with particular regard on brain plasticity and neurodegenerative disorder with a specific focus on neurotrophins and social and emotional behaviour. Her work has been largely devoted to the neurobehavioural characterization of the stress and coping response upon exposure to environmental stress.
Expert evaluator for the EC (FP6, FP7, H2020), member of the Committee for Scientific and Technological Dissemination Activities, for the Italian Ministry of Instruction and Research (2006-2011); Expert for the Advisory Group on Endocrine Disrupter Testing and Assessment (OECD). 

Zoltán Kerényi-Kiss

Founder and facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Budapest. Integral Life Consultant. Founding member of the Hungarian Embodiment Circles online, with the aim of supporting wellbeing, embodied learning and social connection during the COVID-19 pandemic, co-created with guest teachers from different somatic and embodiment practices. A lover of conscious dance practices, meditation, nature and free-form movement.

Péter Fejér

I received accreditation to teach the 5Rhythms from Gabrielle Roth in 2011. Since that time I’m offering weekly classes in Budapest, workshops in several different cities in Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Austria, and I offer longer retreats as well. In the same time I’m doing continuous professional development on different workshops with a wide range of teachers. 

Lucy Howgego

My personal mission is to nurture a safe, peaceful and creative world full of possibilities. I feel most alive and connected to my creative, gentle, vulnerable, spontaneous, playful, intuitive, open-hearted self when I am dancing. I am in awe of the body’s ability to hold memories and how the 5Rhythms practice facilitates remembering, feeling, healing, transformation and celebration if you trust and follow the maps.

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