Feminine & Masculine

5Rhythms workshop with Romana Soldo & Peter Fejer
22-24 May 2020 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Connections between people are endless topics. How are we connecting? Who is connecting? Why are we connecting?

While the things that we have in common bring us together, the polarity between two people, the difference between the masculine and feminine energies, sparks the passion. The more opposed those two energies, the stronger the attraction and we all know how the story goes.

When speaking about feminine and masculine energies, that doesn’t mean gender. All of us have a blend of masculine and feminine energies and their balance inside of us is usually colouring all our connections.

The fastest and safest way to explore this field is to embody these energies through moving meditation. Dance is the best tool which brings the reality of connections close to us, without the usual complications and it offers us opportunity to practice connecting to people without the pressure of achievement or expectations in safe environment without judgement.

This workshop is invitation to explore and play how are these energies dancing inside of you and shaping your connections with other people and everything that is alive. Understanding the balancing of these two energies can help us to maintain connections alive, passionate and real.

If you feel that these energies are not balanced in your body or if you are curious and want to explore more how they are shaping your connections, then this workshop is most probably a great place for you.

This space is not a dating opportunity and there will be no sexual content. Everybody is welcome, regardless of gender, sex, age or abilities. No dance experience is needed!


22-24 May 2020             The workshop starts on Friday evening and ends on Sunday evening.


To be announced later. Somewhere in the central area of Cluj-Napoca


Full price is 120€    
Early booking price until 22 April is 95€, with the payment of 20€ non-refundable deposit.

If your life partner also applies he/she is entitled to a 50% discount (from the actual price based on his/her application date).
During the early booking period you have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship if you have financial difficulties. Please let us know if you are interested and we’ll send you the details.


Cristina Paul


Romana Soldo, certified 5Rhythms teacher:
“On my voyage of self-discovery I’ve journeyed through various dance schools and spiritual practices, until I’ve landed home in my body seduced by the Rhythms. Surrendering to this simple movement meditation is always teaching me how to move myself out of my way, realising that my body and my energy are the most profound teachers. Deepening my language to know myself, this practice became my direct dialogue to this force that is moving all living things.Inspired by this work, I endeavour to create safe space for others to remember themselves back into the body, and in that way to become more spontaneous, heartful and present human beings.”

Péter Fejér started leading groups and using non-formal teaching methods in the early 90’. He has degrees in pedagogy, philosophy and economics. He worked as a research administrator, business consultant, and trainer. He received accreditation to teach the 5Rhythms from Gabrielle Roth in 2011.
He offers weekly classes in Budapest, workshops in several cities in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Austria. He is member of the 5RTA and the ICMTA international teacher organizations.

Movement method 5Rhythms® was organically developed by Gabrielle Roth, out of instinct, intuition and interconnections with human beings. It is a philosophy, a perspective of life, an art of expression and a dynamic movement practice, rooted in the principle that our own psyche heals itself if we move it. Powerful and simple movement meditation that anyone can practice regardless of age, size, ability or physical limitations.

Map of the Rhythms offers “choreography for a dance at the edge” – there are no classical dance steps, but it gives us guidelines for expressive creativity, representing a dynamic state of being.Maps are a guide for exploring the self through the movement that take us on the journey through our unexplored inner wilderness. By moving the body, we are releasing our emotional arteries into flow, emptying the mind, we develop awareness of the moment, experiencing our natural state of being.

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