Elements of the Living Earth

5Rhythms retreat with Peter Fejer in Bran, Romania
25-28 July 2019

Our dance is deeply connected to the life on Earth. Dancing gives us joy, gives us pleasure. It can do so, because it connects us to the fundamental joy and happiness of being alive. Dance roots us into the universal joy of life. On this retreat we’ll get a closer look at our connection to the living Earth. We’ll awaken our senses to see and feel into the core of the fundamental elements: earth, fire, water, air and ether. We’ll explore the ways how they move in us, how they bring us alive, how they support our joy of being.

  • The element of earth gives us support. It’s always there to hold us, it gives stability, it helps us feel trust. Our connection to earth is closely connected to our connection to our own physical body. Dancing with the earth invites us to find again this trusting connection.
  • The element of fire is the element of life force. Our bodies constantly create energy by burning oxygen. We are continuously on fire literally! As we dance with the fire we practice how to receive energy, how to feel our own energy and how to let the energy bring us into action.
  • The element of water invites us to become fluid, ever changing, constantly curious. Dancing with water invites us to connect to our ability to change, evolve, and keep finding our way forward.
  • The element of air shows us the light and playful side of nature. You rarely see it, but it keeps caressing your skin, playing with your hair. Dancing with air, with the wind teaches us about the infinite lightness of our being. Air is constantly singing a song of joy, lifting us from the mundane to the mystery.
  • Ether is the element of the invisible. All the things beyond the physical dimension of our reality. Dancing with the ether invites us to explore the divine in and around us.

About the teacher

Péter Fejér has degrees in pedagogy, philosophy and economics; he worked as a high school teacher, research project manager, business consultant, and trainer. In 2011 he received accreditation to teach the 5Rhythms from Gabrielle Roth. Since that time he is offering weekly classes in Budapest, workshops in several different cities in Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Austria and he offers longer retreats as well.

About himself, he is sharing: “I believe in the fundamental freedom of human beings. I believe in the importance of deep relationships. I believe in the far reaching effects of body movements. I wish to contribute to a more full and more peaceful world through teaching and spreading conscious dance”.

Practical details

Location: Carpathian Log Home, 507026, Bran, Braşov, Romania

The area is a picturesque wide valley with lots of meadows and forests and mountains around. The castle of Bran lies a few kilometres away.

The venue has a good quality wooden floor with enormous windows overlooking the valley. The rooms are comfortable and there is a huge garden around the buildings.

Dates and hours: From Thursday July 25th at 17:00 until Sunday July 28th at 14:00.

Workshop prices (without accommodation and food) are:
– 125 Euro, very early bird – for payment by May 27th
– 140 Euro, early bird – for payment by June 15th
– 155 Euro, full price – for payment after June 15th

The deposit to reserve your place is 60 Euro for the workshop plus one night of accommodation and it is nonrefundable.

Group discount available, if paying together:
– For 2 people paying together: 10% discount
– For 3+ people paying together: 15% discount

The number of places for this workshop is limited. Priority have the participants who book accommodation in one of the two villas.

The ACCOMMODATION prices in one of the villas where the workshop will take place are:
– 140 RON (30 Euro) per person per night in a room with matrimonial double bed (there are no single beds other than extra smaller beds)
– If one person wants to reserve the entire double room, the price will be 280 RON (60 Euro) per person per night;
– 70 RON (15 Euro) per person per night for sleeping on the living room sofa (which is a shared space for the group) or for one single bed added in a double room (if there is a group of 3 people who all agree to this and you can split the room price of double bed + single bed of 350 RON or 75 Euro as you wish).

There is a campsite nearby if you prefer sleeping in a tent.

The price for CATERING is 20 RON (4 Euro) for breakfast, 50 RON (12 Euro) for lunch and 30 RON (7 Euro) for dinner. – per day (For Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Information and registration:
Dana Costea
+40 724 312 825

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